Property Owners

Meet the Trappe’s, Owners and Operators of Canyon Rock Co. Inc.

Canyon Rock Co. Inc. was started in 1973 by West County resident Adolph Trappe, who took over the existing Forestville quarry site – a site that has now been in continuous operation for more than 80 years, extracting mineral resources that are used in road repaving, building, landscaping, and other construction projects across West County and the broader region.

As Canyon Rock the company celebrates 50 years serving the Forestville community this year, Adolph’s son, Wendel, continues to run the quarry to this day as the company’s President, while the 3rd generation of Trappe’s: Jonathon and James, serve as the Operations Managers for their Forestville and Cazadero quarry sites.

The Trappe family is proud to not just run their business in Forestville, but live in the community as immediate neighbors of the quarry site. Jonathon’s children attend Forestville schools, and it is his hope that his and James’ children will someday take over their family’s business.

One value that has always remained top-of-mind to the Trappe family is their commitment to community. Each year, they look at ways to improve our small town – and when you look around, it won’t take long to see the fruits of their labor. The Trappe family can always be called upon to deliver and mount the annual Christmas tree on Front Street. They have also supplied gravel for the West County Regional Trail parking lot on Front Street, donated aggregate material to Forestville schools, and remained a huge supporter of the Forestville Youth Park, where the Canyon Rock and Trappe family name can be seen as a sponsor of El Molino Little League teams and at the entrance to the Youth Park playground.

As longtime residents, the Trappe family is here to stay, and will remain a reliable community partner, just as they’ve done for the last several decades.